Hot on the heels of its 3D-printed puncture-proof bike tire, the German manufacturer BigRep presents its fully functional electric motorcycle called NERA (a shortened version of the more grandiose “A NEW ERA”), which was designed by NOWlab and 3D-printed using the company’s FDM printers (except for the electrical components).

Introduced at Formnext 2018, the design of the prototype was developed by Marco Mattia Cristofori working in collaboration with Maximilian Sedlak to showcase that XXL additive manufacturing can not only meet industrial standards, but also leave plenty of space for artistic expression.

“The NERA combines several innovations developed by NOWlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology,” said Daniel Büning of NOWlab. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape Additive Manufacturing technology as we know it.”

The bike – which measures 190 x 90 x 50 cm and weighs only 60 kg – consists of 15 individual components, each printed using ProHT, ProFLEX, PETH, and PLA filaments. Unlike other motorcycles on the market which contain 3D-printed parts, the NERA is the world’s first-ever fully 3D-printed unit (minus the electrical gadgetry).

Among other features, the motorcycle boasts embedded electronics, airless tires, forkless steering, and a flexible bumper.

Sadly, the futuristic-looking NERA is just a study in design, so you probably won’t get to burn rubber on the road. And yet, prototypes such as this tend to yield no less fantastic designs relatively soon after release, so let us all hope this won’t be an exception!

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